Property services

Facility Management

The set of owner-shared activities that concern the management and maintenance of the property entrusted to us. Among these:

Maintenance planning;
Repair maintenance;
Plant compliance;
Relations management with tenants.

Property Management

The administrative management of the asset entrusted to us, including:

Property registry;
Rental contracts management (signature of the contract, renewal, cancellations, etc.)
Assistance during acquisition and disposal;
Planning and control of the profitability trend deriving from the rental;
Administration (invoicing, profit management and delayed payments);
Property taxes (IMU, TASI, Registration Tax) and insurance (support for insurance contract and claims management).

Our services allow assisting the owner through all the lifecycle phases of a property investment, i.e.:

Rental management;
Profitability analysis and comparison with reference benchmark;

Project Management

Planning and execution of your real estate project.

Thanks to our team of experts and to consolidated partnerships with the majorstudios in the field, we are able to manage any real estate project:

Pre-feasibility study;
Project layout;
Management of the project’s progress, ensuring respect of timetables and budgets.

Document Management

The set of activities aimed at the collation and conservation of the documentation relative to a property entrusted to us.

The activity begins when we take charge of the property and ends with its disposal. It consists in all those services(pre- and post-acquisition) aimed at archiving and storage of all the documentation related to the property.

Commercial Services

The set of activities concerning the commercial development of the real estate assets entrusted to us. Among these:

coordinating all the new rental activities;
re-negotiating contracts and drafting contractual documents;
management of sales activities/contribution of real estate, including support for drafting the necessary documents.
Supply of benchmarks and simulations to best orient the owners’ decisions;
Assistance and support to professionals in drafting the documents necessary to sell properties, for rentals and any other requirements (deed registration, etc.).

Residential properties

In our over thirty years of activity, we have matured a specialist competence in residentialproperty as far as management aspects as well as acquisition and disposal.